Shapleigh's Hardware 1935 Catalog

Directions for using this online catalog

The 1935 Shapleighs Hardware Company catalog had 2,546 pages.  I am adding them in order from start to finish.  That means you can tell how far I have gotten by looking at the Recent Posts in the sidebar,  Assuming the  page you need has been published, you can find what you are looking for using one of the following methods:

  • You already know some words to search for.  Enter your search words into the search box on the top, right of this page.  Limit your search to three words or less.  There is an implied AND between each word, so entering more than three words will probably return zero results.
  • You need help finding the right words. Hover over the menu item at the top of the page labeled “Indexes”.  The drop down menu items are alphabetical as they were in the original catalog.  You may have to do some guessing to find what your item(s) were called in 1935.
  • If you see an index entry that looks promising and has a page number you can use search to find that page.  If the index says page 123 search for p0123.  If it says 29 search for p0029.  If it says 1219 search for p1219.  I had to use leading zeros to make the pages sort in the right order.

The  links in the search results take you to a page which shows the names of all the products which were on that page of the original catalog.

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The full size images of the  index pages are open without restriction.  That way you can see if the information you are looking for is included on the site, and determine what level of access you need.