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Farm Gates. Cyclone. Flower Bed Borders. Steel Corn Cribs. Trellis.

Flower bed borders are designed for terraces, lawns, and gardens. Made of heavy galvanized wire this flower bed border protects against careless and malicious intruders. The border material can be taken up each year and reused. The border comes in hundred foot rolls.

The steel corn cribs are also made from galvanized steel wire. Calculating on the basis of 2150 in.³ to the standard bushel, the number 50 crib has a capacity of 600 to 700 bushels of ear corn, which in the case of good quality should show about 400 bushels of grain.

By using two number 50 cribs, one above the other, the capacity of 1250 bushels is secured. This would give a height of 8’4″.

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