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Lanterns with descriptions of all their features.

  1. Automatic standing bail, always upright ready at hand.
  2. New improved combustion with balanced air control. Bright steady flame stays lit, no matter what the weather.
  3. Standard size globe. Protected by wire guards which prevent falling out when tipped back.
  4. Rising cone burner, a universally approved feature. The cone, when built in the globe holder, raises the globe, exposing Wick for easy trimming lighting.
  5. Large filler is easily accessible.
  6. Solid all weather dome. Excludes rain and dirt.
  7. All parts carefully made and inspected. Combined into the finished product of handsome appearance. Utility meets good looks in all Supreme lanterns.
  8. Strong lift lever operates smoothly in lug with rounded bearing surface. Positive locking catch holds globe securely in raised position for lighting.
  9. Whitcomb highest quality.
  10. Rust resistant terne bottom, double seam to oil font.

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