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Shapleigh's: How to sharpen a pocket knife.

Use a good oil or whetstone. One that is medium fine is best. It’s important to hold the blade of the slight angle to the face of the stone. About 20° is right. In order to put a slight bevel along the cutting edge, the same as you’ll find on a Diamond Edge blade.

The operation of sharpening should be to draw the blade against the cutting edge heel to point. First one side and then the other. Always drawing the edge along, following it right up to the point of the blade. Don’t just shoot across the stone at the point.

A few drops of kerosene or high-grade oil should be put on the sharpening stone. It will help produce a scientific cutting edge. Under no circumstances, should a rough stone or a dry grinding wheel be used. All of them will spoil the cutting edge. Many a pocket knife as well as household kitchen cutlery has been ruined this way. Never Lay laid flat on the stone. This is a common practice and always produces a thin razor like edge. This will break out or turn over and is not the edge required for a pocket knife.

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