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Facts & interesting data concerning our different brands of tents.

For a number of years it has been customary upon the part of manufacturers and jobbers in these lines, to a certain extent, to deal in enigmas. Grades of been switched, qualities of been sacrificed and juggled until it is practically an impossibility for either buyer or seller to form anywhere near an intelligent idea as to upon what is figuring.

We have gotten heartily tired of these conditions are now proposed to make plan our various grades of goods and to educate the trade as much as possible. To this end we give the following information regarding the grades of tents, wagon covers and paulins which we handle that anyone may be thoroughly clear in the premises.

The width  duck is based on ounces, and the weight stipulated as per lineal yard. The standard in original method of determining duck was based upon a lineal yard 29 inches in width, in which stock is still standard is accepted by the government. For instance on full weight tents and wagon covers they should be of duck 29 inches wide, and each lineal yard to weigh the ounces marked.

Single filling. This is a fabric that has been applied to many lines of manufacture. It is constructed of single yarns. The different weights are arrived at by making different numbers of yarns. What is known as a number of picks to the square it’s in the various weights of single filling.com practically the same. The fabric is used in tents, wagon covers, etc., where the cheaper article is required are also used in a great many instances because the fact it is made of pure unsized yarns. It makes a much softer fabric, for a soft spun yarn and single filling dock is most effective in the shedding of water. In the so much as it gives it a chance to swell and thereby  causes a closer fabric. No plain white single deck is waterproof.

Diamond brand wall tents are made from full weight dock, based upon 29 inches width, each lineal yard weighing the ounces marked. The wall in center heights are full according to the height given in our catalog. Taking a 9 1/2″ x 12″ tent as an example, the full height, or extreme height of tent is 7 feet. The diamond wall tents have  galvanized grommets and ease her guy ropes and loops and bottom wall for stakes. All cut full to finish as nearly as possible to the sizes marked. Sisle guy ropes with best quality slides. Slides put on guy ropes and guy ropes attached to tent. Best quality pulls and stakes.

On triumph tents the weight is based on duck 38 inches in width, each lineal yard weighing to the pounds marked to the square yard. Their full height a wall in center is listed. Finished on the eaves was so galvanize grommets for guy ropes and loops for stakes. Sisle guy ropes, slides, stakes and poles included. Otherwise the same as a diamond brand. From the above the difference between our diamond brand and try and friends a good is that diamond brand goods are based on 29 and stuck in a trial brand are based on 36 in stock. Triumph all tents have shorter center heights.

Shapley’s Mizzoo brand is well constructed and serviceable. They made of duck based on 40 inches in width to each lineal yard weighing the ounces marked. Their full height of the wall in center according to list in our catalog. In cutting, allowances made for seams and hems, so as to finish as near as possible sizes marked. So Delahunt grommets and ease her guy ropes and loops for a while stakes. Sizable guy ropes, stakes and poles included.

Owing to the constant fluctuation of cotton, all prices are subject to change without notice and all orders are subject to acceptance at St. Louis.

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