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Fly Fishing. A Word to Anglers. Fly Tying as an Art.

This department has, under our close and careful attention, reached an unusual degree of excellence. Our thorough knowledge of angling and fly tying enables us to present not only the best and most serviceable flies, but to make them in the proper way. In late years there’s been a tremendous increase in the number of sportsmen  that have taken up fly fishing for trout, bass, salmon, etc.

Fly tying is an art.
Did you ever consider the thought, skill and time involved in putting the lure & life like appearance in artificial trout, bass and Salmon of flies?

To start the construction of a fly, all feathers must be sorted, such as hackle, wings and tippets. Next the body must be put on. This is done with silk on most patterns and tinsel is put on over the body and a rib like fashion to give it the appearance of a real fly.
Next the hackle is tied in position and in the wings are tied to the fly.
The hackle is now taken up and tied. Next a waterproof solution is used to fasten the head down. This completes the operation.
Then the  fly is inspected and packed.

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