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Page 1593

Snelled Fish Hooks. Carlisle & Cincinnati Bass.

Things you can tell young fishermen.

A bit of adhesive or electricians tape, applied in a moment, holds the reel firmly in place.

A small tin can without cover, dropped in your minnow bucket will enable you to pick up several more minnows instantly.

Half a dozen green corn kernels strung on a size 5 or six Carlisle hook is good for catching carp.

A piece of sticky candy tied on a line, is bully for catching crawfish and crawfish are irresistible to big bass.

An empty shotgun shell and a cork makes a waterproof match container.

A shot bag filled with gravel makes a handy light anchor for a canoe.

Try a free sliding float (page 1595) with a small bottle cork placed where you want the float to stop, you’ll like this for still fishing.

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