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Shapleigh's Bicycles & Bicycle Sundries.

Although this is aptly described as the Motor Age and power vehicles greatly predominate in all modes of transportation, the bicycle has its well-established place and the demand for it steadily increases.

From the earliest introduction of the bicycle, the Shapleigh House has held its leadership in their distribution.

Rugby bicycles, because of the sturdiness of their construction, symmetry of lines and beauty of finish, are widely recognized as the finest and most satisfactory in point of service, to be had at any price in any market.

Shapleigh special bicycles, slightly less than price, are nevertheless entitled to the splendid reputation their excellent qualities have earned.

This catalog illustrates and describes a complete line of bicycles and sundries, and nothing a proven worth is omitted. Moderate prices prevail throughout. Orders are handled accurately and efficiently.

Supplementing the bicycle line is a large variety of wheel goods, consisting of boys wagons, juvenile automobiles, hand cars, park cycles, velocipeds, scooters, pedal bikes, and all desirable styles and grades, at prices which yield the dealer excellent profits.

Orders through our salesman or by mail, are cordially solicited and will receive that prompt and careful attention which distinguishes Shapleigh Service.

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