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Shapleigh's automotive equipment & supplies.

The ambitious retailer can find no greater or more profitable opportunity for energetic effort than is offered in the field of automotive equipment and supplies.

Motorists, almost without exception, or free spenders and are constantly on the alert for new and useful articles which add to the appearance of the car, the safety and convenience of its operation.

The demand for casings, inner tubes and staple replacement parts is enormous and constantly growing. While your marginal profit on this class of supplies and equipment is not large, it is a spot cash, quick turnover business and add substantially to your annual profits. Successfully catering to your trade on these staples naturally and surely opens the way for you to sell largely of the highly profitable specialties which are so closely associated with the staples.

This section of the Shapleigh catalog comprises perhaps the most complete and carefully selected line of automobile necessities, conveniences and luxeries to be found anywhere. Every article appearing in the following pages is of actual proven worth. You are perfectly safe in choosing stock from this catalog, and will be well repaid for including with your orders for online staple goods, as many of the attractive specialties as you desire.

Do not overlook the fact that the motorist is a constant Buyer of tools, sporting goods and outing supplies, all of which are shown in this catalog.

Diamond edge is a quality pledge.

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