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Valve grinding compounds.

Valve grinding compounds.

3M oil mixed

3M valve-grinding compounds are a product of the laboratories of the world’s largest manufacturer of surface coated abrasives. Superior equipment for grading and testing abrasive materials makes it possible to deliver a more uniform quality of valve grinding compounds than ever before offered to the trade.

3M valve grinding compounds are made exclusively from silicon carbide. Silicon carbide is a mineral next and hardness to a diamond. This gives unusual cutting paower to these compounds.

3M valve grinding compounds must not be confused or connected with any other valve-grinding compounds on the market today. Laboratory tests prove that 3M compounds have these outstanding qualities.

Will out grind, stay on the seat longer and will not gum up.

Will last longer than all grinding without breaking down.

Will wash off easier, and leave a smooth, velvety seat without fuzzy edges.

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