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Page 2016

Seven facts:

  • Diamond Edge Since 1864 has identified tools and cutlery of the highest quality made.
  • Diamond Edge articles chalklenge comparison with the best in their respective groups.
  • Diamond Edge lines are complete. They comprise all items usually sold by retailers.
  • Diamond Edge is self advertising. The satisfaction each Diamon Edge article gives recommends and advertises every other Diamond Edge article.
  • Diamond Edge Simplifies buying. All sold and shipped from St. Louis.
  • Diamond Edge simplifies retail selling. Uniform quality throughout. Hint slips explain to clerks the important facts and features. 
  • Diamond Edge ensures profit. Sold only though independent dealers.
  • Diamond Edge labels and packages, being uniform in design and very attractive, contribute much to the appearance of the dealer’s stock, justifies the suggestion that progressive retailers will find it to their advantage to feature Diamond Edge goods as their leading line.

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