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Shapleigh's Saddlery & Harness. 1843 to 1935 Ninety two years of honorable service.

The chief essentials of saldlery and harness which will sell readily and give entire satisfaction are high quality leather and high-class workmanship.

Shapley Saddlery and Harness is made of the best grades of material by expert workmen and fully deserves the excellent reputation it enjoys in the trade. Perhaps the most noteworthy group in this department is the collar line. Mike Kinney horse collars have won national recognition by the unchallenged superiority of design, quality and long service which distinguishes them. Horse collars occupy a similar position in the estimation of well-informed dealers.

Much care and attention has been devoted to the line of strap work. No useful detail has been overlooked. The selection of harness sundries coveralls covers all normal requirements.

Diamond edge is a quality pledge.

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