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Belt Hooks. Belt dressing. Belt-Pull Rockwood.

Horsepower of belting.

A simple rule for ascertaining transmitting power of belting without first computing speed per minute. Multiply diameter of Pully in inches by its number of revolutions per minute. Multiply this product by width of the Belt in inches. Divide the product by 3,300 for single belting. Divide the product by 2,100 for double belting.  The quotient will be the amount of horsepower that can be safely transmitted.

Table for single leather, four ply rubber and four ply cotton belting, belts not overloaded

1 inch wide, 800 ft./min. equals 1 hp

Double leather, six ply rubber or six ply cotton belting will transmit 50 to 75% more power than is shown in the table. 1 inch wide, 550 ft./min. equals 1 hp.

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