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Cordage Information. Manila Cordage.

Manila fiber is growing solely in the Philippine archipelago. It’s obtained from the Abaca or Lanut, a species of the wild banana plant.

The usual growth of this plant is about 14 months, at which time it bears a fruit something similar to the banana. It’s at this stage that the fibers are fully developed. The best texture is obtained from this growth.

The fiber is extracted entirely by hand from the leaf stem growth. The fibers are surrounded by heavy, pulpy flesh, and the fibers are separated by the process of drawing the leaf stems (which is split into ribbons) through a sharp edge knife and block. After this operation the material is allowed to dry. It is then sorted into different grades and packed into bales of about 275 pounds each for export.

The finess or coarseness and texture of the fiber is due entirely to the manner in which it is cleaned. The strength, is due to the age of the plant and manner of curing. The Abaca plant grows in height from 15 to 25 feet.

AMCO cordage is a specially treated rope. All the fibers are treated before being spun. It’s an improved rope. There is no chance of deterioration due to improper storage or exposure to the elements. It is the safest rope for all purposes because the fibers are protected against the elements. It sheds water like a duck’s back. In fact, as in name, it’s always pliable even in wet, freezing weather. We suggest AMCO rot proof rope for the most exacting usage. It’s more economical because it lasts longer.

Manila rope Diamond is the trademarked brand number one grade blue tag. Strictly best quality, long, pure Manila. No adulturants. Thoroughly lubricated, but no weighty substance used. Three strands. It is recommended for all exacting work.

Nonpareil brand  (special grade) has a lilac tag. Made only of long, pure Manila fiber of good quality. Slightly lower quality than the Diamond D, but equal to many best grades offered elsewhere. It is sold by many as the best grade. Three strands. Coils are burlaped and stenciled with trademark.

Pennant brand. Our third grade, but is made only from pure Manila fiber. Ways no more than the higher grades. It does satisfactory work and is recommended where a cheaper article is desired for usage hat does not require the higher grades. Offered to meet low price competition. May I made three strands, all coils burlap to and stenciled.

For strand special hay carrier rope. The most satisfactory rope for hay carriers. Many prefer it to the ordinary three strand cordage because it resists abrasive wear better. Four strand rope can be furnished in any size. Any of the grades mentioned are available with  center core or without (we always recommend the latter) and at the standard differential of one cent per pound. 13/16 in size rope is recommended for hay carrier use. If larger rope is used, be sure pulleys are large enough to permit rope to run freely.

Unless otherwise specified all for strand rope is furnished without core. When core is wanted, plainly show “With Center” core.

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