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Sisal Rope product descriptions.

White diamond. The fancy white rope of the very highest quality. Equal to any other sisal cordage offered. Made only of pure Java sisal fiber. The best in the world for color, strength, etc. Made of extra fine yarns, often referred to as sisal “boat rope”. Made only for high-grade trade. Made three strand at the following prices. Can be furnished four strand with or without center core at one cent extra.

Diamond sisal rope. The strictly number one grade of pure Mexican (Yucatán) sisal. No adulturant and no weighty substances used. Made three strands at prices shown below. Can be furnished four strand with or without core and one cent extra. This grader of light coloring compares favorably with some sisal ropes offered elsewhere.

Standard. Referred to by some as commercial grade. Used chiefly on the farm where an inexpensive rope is desired. Often used for tying trunks, etc.

Halter rope. Sisal made in number one Mexican (Yucatán). Sisal only. White color. Special soft laid.

See the next page for general application of these different kinds of ropes.

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