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Hasrdware dealers. Helpful rope sales table.

AMCO Manila rope is rot-proof and truly water resistant. “Sheds water like a duck’s back.” It remains pliable even in wet, freezing weather. It is the all weather rope.

The rot-proof feature makes AMCO the safest rope for all purposes in the most economical because it lasts longer. This protection cannot be found in any other cordage.

AMCO rot-proof manila rope weighs no more than ordinary cordage. Therefore this table can be used on untreated Manila’s in stainless sisals also.

The rope should not only be valued on how strong it is when new. It is far more important to consider what the strength will be after several months storage or exposure to the elements. The rot-proof feature of AMCO treated Manila gives those using it a protection not found in any other rope.

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