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"AMCO" Manila Rope

Specially treated best quality pure Manila – the all weather rope waterproof treated.

After extensive experiments over a period of years, a secret method of treating Manila fiber has been developed. Tests over several years of have proven Manila rope so treated is rendered rot-proof and truly water resistant. Many refer to this as waterproofed.

Every one of the fibers that go into AMCO, Manila is carefully processed prior to yarn spinning. The rope is of a bronze color and isn’t anymore greasy to the touch than untreated rope. The AMCO treated weighs no more than the untreated cortdage.

AMCO is in fact, as in name, the all weather rope. Tests have shown it remains pliable and easy to handle under the most adverse conditions. A test was made in a refrigerator warehouse by soaking samples of untreated Manila and AMCO and water for 24 hours. Then putting them in a refrigerator rack, showed that the untreated cordage is frozen stiff and could not be handled at all. The sample of AMCO could be handled without difficulty.

The rot-proof Feature makes this rope the safest to use for every requirement.

The rope should not be judged on its strength when new. It is far more important to consider what its strength will be after several months storage or exposure to the elements. The rot proof feature of AMCO Manila gives those using it protection not found in any other rope. It also makes it the most economic cordage because it lasts longer than untreated Manila.

Many large users have voluntarily testified to all the claims made for this cordage. Generally speaking, once people give AMCO a trial they will have no other brand. The AMCO treated rope means economy to the farmer. Especially when used on hay carrier equipment. Because of the assurance that the fiber will not dry-rot between seasons.

AMCO treated Manila is being imitated. Beware of substitutes. It is always covered with green burlap. In each coil is a label identifying it as a genuine product.

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