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Rope. Lariat rope. Transmission Rope. Oil well cordage. Towing lines. Raft rope. Drilling cable.

Yacht quality Manila lariat. Illustration shows the length of diamond D Manila lariat rope unraveled. It is beautifully glossy. It is the finest, purest, strongest lariat rope made. The first step in its manufacture is a careful selection of the best marks or grades of glossy, quite strictly pure Manila fibers. These fibers so selected are so full of shine that they resemble silk threads and luster. But in strength the same fibers are far stronger and tougher than really necessary.  It’s the use of such strong fibers that makes diamond D Manila Lariat so durable. Average length of the fibers is 8 to 10 feet.

Diamond D Manila lariat is manufactured on modern machines. Designed to turn out this high-grade rope so I have just right hard twist it needs. It always performs with absolute satisfaction the work required of the special material.

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