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Chain hoists. Electric hoists. rope operated hoists. Button operated hoists.

A compact and sturdy hoist operated by a series wound universal motor with high starting torque runs on either DC or AC. Any frequency. Only two feed wires are necessary. The ratio of worm gearing makes it self locking. The load cannot overhaul the motor through the gearing, a safety feature that does not depend on a break. A break on the motor shaft snubs the motor automatically whenever the hoist is stopped. External adjustment. Load carried entirely on steel from hook to hook. Electrically welded steel chain is strong, flexible and easily handled. Any desired height of lift can be supplied. Up-and-down limit stops prevent over travel. Motor, controller and wiring are covered to prevent the entrance of moisture. The fuse protects each hoist against overload. All gears and bearings are lubricated by grease bath in one chamber which is been proof tested to 50% overload.

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