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Corrugated Steel Fasteners for Wood Joints. Divergent Saw Edge.

Divergent saw edges. Corrugated cold rolled steel. The chisel edged saw teeth enter into the wood on a slant with the shearing cut and will not crush softwood. It drives easier than a straight edge fastener & is more durable on high-grade work.

The advantage of the divergent Saw edge wood joint fasteners is that in driving them into the joint the slant to the corrugation’s tend to draw the joint perfectly by pulling in from either side.

Used in the manufacture of boxes, furniture, picture frames, showcases. Screen door and window screen joints can be firmly fastened with metal joint fasteners. Wheelwright’s find them indispensable. There is no better way for joining segments of wood pulleys. Without them built-up work such as columns, pillars etc. is greatly strengthened and the cost reduced when metal joint fasteners are used.

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