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Galvanized Poultry Fence.

The unique construction of combination netting gives all that is desired in a fence. The close 3/4 and 1 inch spacing for 10 1/2 inches at the bottom of the fence will turn baby chicks. It gives complete protection. Above the 12 inch line the spacing is graduated to 1 1/2 inches for the next 12 inches. From the 24 inch line to the top the line wires are 2 inches apart. It is all year-round netting. Does away with the necessity of an all 1 inch space netting.

The main advantage combination straight line netting has earned for itself is that it does everything every other netting does and more. Like farm fence, it’s parallel line wires run the full length of the role. Non-slipping interlocking joints connect these continuous line wires into a strong rigid fabric which will actually stand alone.

It stretches straight and true under even tension. The full strain of stretching falls on the straight line wires. The fabric cannot be pulled out of shape. No top rail or bottom rail is needed. Fewer posts are required. It stretches onsteel posts as readily as it does wood. It can be taken down and re-stretched time and again without bagging or sagging. Sterling combination straight line is easy to handle. It rolls out flat like a carpet. Cuts easily. Quickly and without waste.

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