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Shapleigh's Show Window Bulletin

Make sure your store Windows are attractive, newsy and entertaining.

Show window should be a merchant’s chief reliance in advertising to the passing public. Your windows can be made the most effective silent salesman, producing big returns.

If your business stands stimulating, look to your show windows.

Don’t be afraid to throw your energy into this work on the grounds that you’re not an expert at window trimming. It has been made in a very simple matter to not only attract attention.

Make additional windows talking good strong English. But don’t let the message what should Carrie grow stale or commonplace. Keep them as fresh and live as a last addition of a lot of daily paper and the public will become interested. They will earn to look  for the bargains that they tell and patronize your store. Shapleigh’s show window bulletin will provide a big help. In this connection we call your attention to Shapleigh’s show window bulletins. This greatly simplify the work and bring it within the reach of any energetic man. They consist of an easel backed sign card 7 x 9″ in size with slots for the insertion of the card sign words, which are printed in large plan letters and figures on a bright red of proper size for inserting in the bulletin slots. Which permit the forming of most any message or announcement. If these are Fresh, change frequently, and there’s certain to attract an increasing number of those increasing numbers in book business.

Very effective inside the store. Use some effective as these bulletins are in the show windows, that does not cover their entire field by any means. Inside the store they can be made to sell goods by interesting and informing customers. The bulletins, to get their full value, should be liberally placed on counters, showcases, etc. Over new goods in a very possible convenient point. They can be made to convey just the information customers appreciate and desire. But often hesitate to ask for an often resulting in sales. 25 of these bulletins can readily be used in an ordinary size Stelzer. The save the time and imply time of employees, give the store alive appearance and bring most satisfactory results. In fact when energetically use, keep Dried up to the day.

The results of being in surprising

Even 10 of these seismic salesman, divided between show windows and interior of the store, will stimulate trade and bring returns which will far more than justify the outlay, which is comparatively small.

We cannot accept orders for less than 10 of the bulletins, as a small number is any merchant can make a fair trial. With the bulletins are furnished the supply of the word signs, brightening planning printed. Together with a goodly number of blank cards and which may be printed or written such additional words or sentences as may be desired.

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