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Emerson Electric fans. 12″ & 16″ Three speed. A. C. only or A. C. D. C. Oscillating.

Emerson standard 12 inch and 16-inch fans move a great volume of air at a high velocity. This results in a more penetrating breeze and more comfort. The AC fans have only a single oil well. Because of its larger capacity, this requires oiling only once or twice a season. Convenient carrying handle makes it easy to move the fan about.

Emerson standard 12 and 16-inch fans embody all the refinements and distinctive features which have contributed to the success of Emerson fans in past years. Many of these fans a given more than 30 years of service. This fine record is traceable to the exclusive Emerson features.

The five-year guarantee is the most important evidence of Emerson fan perfected design. It gives an unqualified guarantee to the user against electrical or mechanical defects in the fan. It helps sell fans by removing any doubt as to possible service and satisfaction with the purchase.


Steel Parker blades. Hinge desk bracket. Base without covering. 1/2 inch hardened hollow steel shaft and oil type dustproof bearings on the AC types. Liberal size bronze bearings, go to distribute the oil evenly and to prevent leakage. Wool packed on in DC types. Swivel adjusting collar below the motor. Three speeds, sliding switch and base. Double ring, spot welded guard. Lustrous baked black enamel finish on motor, base, and guard. Blades and semigloss black lacquer. Complete with plug-in cord. Underwriters approved.

Note 110 V fans will operate on voltages of 104 to 120 V alternating current only.

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