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Page 970

Emerson Electric fans. 12″ & 16″ Three speed. A. C. only or A. C. D. C. Oscillating. Emerson standard 12 inch and 16-inch fans move a great volume of air at a high velocity. This results in a more penetrating

Page 971

Emerson Electric Oscillating fans. 10″

Page 973

Emerson Electric Ceiling fans. New Improved type.

Page 975

Emerson improved ceiling fans. Emerson furnace fans. Bonnet Controls by Emerson.

Page 977

Emmerson electric exhaust fans. Automatic shutters.

Page 978

Electric single solid wire. Service entrance cable. Non metallic sheathed cable. Armored cable. Duplex lead cable.

Page 979

Twisted lamp cord. Electric heater cord. Rubber cord. Flexible Loom. Brewery cord. Annunciator wire on polished hardwood reels.

Page 981

Friction tape. Wire push clips. Cable connectors. White mason’s tape.

Page 982

Copper soldering lugs. Soldering paste. Ground rods. Soldering Salts. Ground clamps. One hole pipe straps.

Page 983

House brackets. Porcelain nail knobs. Wire holders. Screw eyes. Porcelain tubes. Porcelain solid knobs. Porcelain wire cleats.

Page 984

Electrical conduit. Bushings, Bodies, Elbows. Bodies. Couplings.