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Page 985

Porcelain covers & receptacles. Switch boxes. Entrance fittings.

Page 989

Receptacles. Flush. Combination box. Flush radio receptacles.

Page 990

Switch plates. Brown, Green, Steel, Ivory.

Page 991

Mirrow switch plkates. Surface switches. Pendant switches.

Page 992

Switches. Monowatt. Leviton. Levolier. Hart & Hegman. Night lights.

Page 994

Electric cube taps. Socket adapters. Bakelite key sockets. Brass key sockets. Socket busings.

Page 995

Colander Strainers. Frying baskets. Cake turners. Basting spoons. Kettle bottoms. Meat rests. Measuring spoons.

Page 996

Attachment plugs. Electric cord caps. Rosettes. Cleat recepticles. Attachment plug caps.

Page 997

Sign recepticles. Fuse plugs. One time cartridge fuses. Pull chain recepticles.

Page 999

General utility switches. Service Entrance, Range & Distribution Switches.