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Page 1030

Lanterns. Contractors Lanterns. Fitted with genuine ruby globes.

Page 1031

Contractors lanterns. Lantern Globes. Paull’s Hot Blast & Junior cold blast.

Page 1032

Lantern Globes. Road Torches. Highway Flare Torches. Storm King.

Page 1033

Shapleigh’s sewing machines. Rotary type, Electric, With built in motor. Electric light. Also with foot power.

Page 1034

Shapleigh’s sewing machines. Shuttle Type. Disc Tension. Electric.

Page 1035

Convertable sewing machines. Features of the rotary machine.

Page 1036

Shapleigh’s Sewing Machines. Shuttle type. Oak sewing machine cabinets. Sewing machine motors by Hamilton-Beach.

Page 1039

Day beds. Steel COts. Telescope double day beds. Automating double day beds.

Page 1040

Woven wire bed springs. Coil wire bed springs.

Pasge 1041

Vento-Felt Matresses. Feather pillows. Fine live Goose feather pillows. Sterilized goose & duck pillows.

Page 1044

Ladies Suit Cases. Ladies hat Boxes. Small suit cases.