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Shapleigh’s Hardware Catalog 1936

Shapleigh’s Hardware Company was a huge business, founded in 1843, that went under because of the great depression. Shapleigh’s Keen Kutter & Diamond Edge brands are still collectors items. 

This website will eventually display all 2K+ pages of the 1936 Shapleigh’s Hardware catalog. I am adding each catalog page as a post and have started from the back. Pages 1-1,174 have not yet been posted.

The General Index (Left Sidebar)  is best used to gain a quick understanding of what products are included in the catalog. Word useage has changed since 1935 so the indices are not as helpful as they might be.

The best way to find things is Search, but+ it may take a few tries to find what you want.

For example. Suppose you are interested in old car radios and do a search for “car”. You will see all the posts that include the string “car” as part of a word. Not helpful. A search for “radio” will do much better. It will return a much shorter list. Scanning that list you will quickly see that in 1936 “automobile” was more commonly used than “car”.

Clicking the link to Page 2007 will get you to the correct section and you will be able to use the forward and back links to look at all the Automobile Radios Shapleigh’s offered for sale. 

I still remember when I was about 12 I discovered I could listen to the radio in my grandfather’s 1952 Pontiac. I had no idea I could run the battery flat in an hour! It took a lot of juice to keep those tubes burning.

As you might imagine, color printing was uncommon in 1935, and used very sparingly. Below are examples of the color labels used to mark Shapleighs products & make them look good on the retailer’s shelves.